Bring products to market faster! Reduced lead-time for prototype manufacturing! Reduced development costs! Excellent quality for development reliability

Providing prototypes that satisfy all of your wants gives you more time to spend on the all-important task of development.
You can then use this newly-gained development time in various ways; to make proposals to your customers, to develop new products, or to solve outstanding problems.


Three reasons you can rely on this site

Our Strengths

By making your ‘wants’ happen, we provide you with the time to create new value.
Our three response capabilities are our strength.

Extensive experience

As a leading manufacturer of thin sheet metal prototypes, Saijo INX provides a wide range of prototypes to Japan's leading global companies.

Simple 3-step system!

Step 1

Send us your drawings, delivery date, quantity and budget

Simply fill in the required information in the online form.

Step 2

Reply from our specialist

Our experienced engineers will consider your conditions, and will reply within 6 hours as to whether your conditions can be met. If they can, we will also send you a quote.

Step 3


We will start production on your prototype immediately after exchanging contracts and receiving your order. Of course, you are under no obligation to order.

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